Meet the Foodie

Millennials gets berated for a whole host of differences from our parents. We get married later, we don’t buy houses or bar soap or boxes of cereal. We also don’t learn to cook. Despite our obsession with celebrity chefs and unicorn toast, we never learned how to cook our own food.
I started this blog for myself, a way to document my growth as I taught myself to cook the foods I love. As I’ve moved through my life, I have changed majors, lived in other countries, and changed my career plans. I have failed and come up with Plan B-Z. Eventually I found a passion for medicine. I’m now in medical school.
My name is Emrie, and I’m 30 years old. Once I made a boxed chocolate cake and forgot to put in the water. I have melted pie crusts, put too much waffle batter in the waffle maker, and served people raw chicken. Now I cook and bake for stress relief and a healthy lifestyle while I work towards my dreams of being a physician.